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Beer has always played a significant role in the history of the civilization and populations of the South.

A fine blending of pure water and cereals produced this beer, which was nicknamed « liquid bread » during ancient times, it was the first method discovered by men to conserve cereals and to purify water.

Beer was an important product for city life and this may be the reason why some civilizations have religiously worshipped it.

Clay tablets describing beer offerings to the goddess NIN-HARRA were found in tombs in Mesopotamia in 2900 B.C.

Egyptians had their « Beer Houses ». Traveling from Egypt to Greece, this drink reached France.

Beer is really a product from the South , from the Mediterranean.

Corsica has received many influences from the Mediterranean, without losing its own character and authenticity.

Corsicans have always preserved their cultural heritage and identity. Keeping in mind this Corsican heritage and also the history of beer itself, the Pietra brewery was established..

Created in 1996, after 4 years of marketing and technical researches, this new company was set up using the idea of developing an innovative business with a strong potential but still in line with Corsican heritage.

Pietra Brewery : a creation in more than one sense

Pietra Brewery is the first brewery in the history of Corsica.

It is also the first time that chestnut is used as an ingredient during the brewing process.

Moreover Pietra Brewery was the first new creation of a French hand-crafted brewery in many years.

During the XXth century, hundreds of small and medium size breweries have disappeared or have been taken over by multinational groups..

Building a brewery in Corsica was considered a risky project, but today it seems figures to have succeeded.

Pietra Brewery, a few key figures :

The production capacity of the Pietra Brewery is more than 30,000 hectoliters per year .

1996 : 2.300 hectoliters and 304 K€ turnover
1997 : 6.350 hectoliters and 1.234 K€ turnover
1998 : 9.000 hectoliters and 1.707 K€ turnover
1999 : 13.000 hectoliters and 2.439 K€ turnover
2000 : 19.000 hectoliters and 3.277 K€ turnover
2001 : 21.000 hectoliters and 4.116 K€ turnover
2002 : 25.000 hectoliters and 4.800 K€ turnover
2003 : 30.000 hectoliters and 5.200 K€ turnover
2004 : 35.000 hectoliters and 6.500 K€ turnover

There were 6 employees at Pietra Brewery in 1996,when it opened . It now has more than 35 employees.

This exceptional growth is not only due to the fact that Pietra chestnut beer is well established on the Corsican market, but also to the successfull launching of 2 new beers : Serena lager and Colomba beer flavoured with Maquis herbs.


Pietra Brewery now has a full range of beers with: PIETRA amber chestnut beer, SERENA lager and COLOMBA beer flavoured with Maquis herbs.

PIETRA, chestnut beer

Pietra displays a beautiful amber colour and contains 6% alcohol. It was the first beer brewed by Pietra Brewery.

Pietra - is a hand-crafted beer brewed with a blend of selected malts and flour made from chestnuts grown in Corsica.

Chestnuts are a traditional fruit in Corsica; they are handpicked in the Castagniccia forest (Upper Corsica), individually selected and then carried by donkeys to the nearest village to be ground into flour.

This unique blend in the world gives it an exceptional personality - strong and delicate, with a slight bitter taste.

Thanks to this innovative process, Pietra Brewery contributes to the new boom in the Corsican chestnut industry.

PIETRA is now available anywhere in Corsica. But it is also possible to drink Pietra in bars in southern France, Paris, Marseille… and you can even buy it in the main French supermarket chains.

It can also be found in Italy, Germany,Denmark,Switzerland, England, Canada,Japan,USA…

SERENA lager

After Pietra came to maturity, Pietra Brewery was able to develop its lager as Pietra « sister » : SERENA.

Serena, made of pure malt, possesses all the qualities of a traditional brewed beer and the most careful attention is devoted to its production.
This light beer, with a 5% alcohol content, a fluffy head and blonde coloring, is best when served cold in order to appreciate its thirst-quenching qualities.

Printed on the front label, the « Maure head », a Corsican symbol, is proudly looking towards the future.

Colomba - is a traditional un-pasteurized wheat beer brewed from an all-natural process, elaborated through herbs and vegetation as well as aromatic flowers.

Colomba- is unfiltered and naturally cloudy due to the yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, that can be consumed with the beer if so desired, and forges its perfume and aromas in the Corsican «Maquis» .

The Maquis is the famous wild forest of Corsica where you can find exceptional and unique herbs and flowers.

A delicate blend of this Corsican “Maquis” is prepared in a large teaball which is then steeped in the vat during the brewing process.

With Pietra, Serena and Colomba,the Pietra Brewery is able to bring you all of Corsica , from the high mountains to the unique perfume of the Maquis forest , to the pleasant and peacefull Corsican shores…

Mavela, a distiller in Aleria on the E coast won a gold medal in 2001 at the Paris Agricultural Show for their plum brandy, following their gold in 2000 for their grape acquavita. They make several spirits from different Corsican fruits.

Pietra, have joined forces with Stéphane and Jean-Claude Venturini of the Mavella distillery to create P&M (Pietra & Mavella) to make the product. Pietra makes the malt, using chestnut flour, which is then transported south to Mavella to be distilled. The maturing is done in Patrimonio muscat barrels. They have been aided by a Scots whisky blender and his arcane arts. The first 10 000 bottles went on sale in Corsica at Christmas 2004 and a part of production is reserved for a single malt.


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